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"69% of South Carolinians have read legal notice ads in their newspaper."

Guide to S.C. Legal Notices

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Chapter 1: General Assembly

Chapter 2: Counties

Chapter 3: Municipal Corporations

Chapter 4: Local Government

Chapter 5: Elections

Chapter 6: Public Buildings and Property

Chapter 7: Public Finance

Chapter 8: Taxation

Chapter 9: Planning Research and Development

Chapter 10: Courts

Chapter 11: Civil Remedies and Procedures

Chapter 12: Crimes and Offenses

Chapter 13: Criminal Procedures

Chapter 14: Domestic Relations

Chapter 15: Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Chapter 16: Property and Coneyances

Chapter 17: Mortgages and Other Liens

Chapter 18: Housing and Redevelopment

Chapter 19: Contracts and Agents

Chapter 20: Corporations, Partnerships and Associations

Chapter 21: Banking, Financial Institutions and Money

Chapter 22: Commerical Codes

Chapter 23: Consumer Protection Code

Chapter 24: Insurance

Chapter 25: Trade and Commerce

Chapter 26: Professions and Occupations

Chapter 27: Health

Chapter 28: Agriculture

Chapter 29: Waters, Water Resources and Drainage

Chapter 30: Fish, Game and Watercraft

Chapter 31: Port and Maritime Matters

Chapter 32: Aeronautics

Chapter 33: Motor Vehicles

Chapter 34: Highways, Bridges and Ferries

Chapter 35: Public Utilities

Chapter 36: Education

Chapter 37: Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 38: South Carolina Probate Code